4 of our papers accepted for FOCS!

We start the blog with some news that was some nice surprise for us. Lucky, we managed to get 4 papers accepted for FOCS 2012:

  • Algorithmic Applications of Baur-Strassen's Theorem: Shortest Cycles, Diameter and Matchings, Marek Cygan and Harold N. Gabow and Piotr Sankowski
  • Designing FPT algorithms for cut problems using randomized contractions, Rajesh Chitnis and Marek Cygan and Mohammad Taghi Hajiaghayi and Marcin Pilipczuk and MichaƂ Pilipczuk
  • LP Rounding for k-Centers with Non-uniform Hard Capacities, Marek Cygan and Mohammad Taghi Hajiaghayi and Samir Khuller
  • Single Source - All Sinks Max Flows in Planar Digraphs, Jakub ??cki and Yahav Nussbaum and Piotr Sankowski and Christian Wulff-Nilsen

Some description of the papers will follow shortly.

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