WOLA 2022: Call for contributed talks & please register

This is a reminder that the Workshop on Local Algorithms (WOLA) is
taking place in Warsaw this year from June 25 to 27. It is conveniently
scheduled right after STOC in Rome. Keynote speakers include Bernhard
Haeupler, Rotem Oshman, Michael Kapralov, and Vincent Cohen-Addad. More
information can be found on the official webpage:

# Contributed talks and registration

Apart from keynote talks, WOLA is going back to the pre-pandemic
tradition of contributed talks by the workshop participants. **If you
are planning to attend in person and want to give a talk**, please
register as soon as possible at
https://ideas-ncbr.pl/en/wola/registration/. Even if you are not
planning to give a talk, registering helps the local organizers with
estimating the number of attendees, which is useful for events such as...

# A night tour of Warsaw on a retro bus

See the attached picture for what such a bus looks like! I'm told by the
local organizers that this will include a tasting of Polish specialties.
This event is scheduled for Saturday night.

# Traveling from STOC in Rome

The workshop is starting at 1:30pm on Saturday to allow for more options
for traveling from STOC. There are direct flights with Wizz Air on both
Friday night and Saturday morning. You can also fly with KLM (via AMS)
or Air France (via CDG) on Saturday morning if you prefer a more
traditional air carrier.

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