New members of the group! More to come?

Recently our algorithms group has been extended by four (!) new faculty members:

  • Marek Cygan. Works on approximation, viagra 40mg parameterized complexity, doctor exponential-time algorithms and more. Completed PhD studies at University of Warsaw, website then spent some time in Univesity of Maryland and IDSIA in Lugano.
  • Marcin Kami?ski. Works on algorithmic graph theory. Completed PhD studies at Rutgers, then spent a couple of years in Université Libre de Bruxelles.
  • Marcin Pilipczuk. Works on parameterized complexity, exponential-time algorithms and more. Completed PhD studies at University of Warsaw.
  • Anna Zych. Works on approximation algorithms. Completed PhD studies at ETH Zurich, then a post-doc at Piotr Sankowski's PAAl grant.

Welcome on board!

This is perhaps a good opportunity to mention that our faculty have just announced a call for applications for attractive post-doc positions. Perhaps our group will grow even more soon?