We in Warsaw, recently stumbled upon http://csrankings.org/ which ranks CS departments world-wide according to publication counts in mayor conferences. A cool aspect of this ranking is that one can set the year range for the counted publications. We rather only very recently, i.e., during the last 5-10, started doing well, so this parameter allows to track this change. As we are working mostly in theory let us restrict the ranking to theory only, i.e, Algorithms & complexity; Cryptography; Logic and verification. If you set the range to start in 2000 - to contain the last 15 years, then we are placed on position 10 world-wide. Quite cool already. Setting the starting point to 2005 bumps us to the 6th position. The most interesting part happens when you set the starting point to 2010, i.e., last 5 years, as you get the following table:

Rank Institution Average Count Faculty
1 University of Warsaw 8.4 24
2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 8.2 20
3 University of Texas - Austin 7.3 8
4 Stanford University 7.1 12
5 Cornell University 6.9 14
6 Northeastern University 6.1 10
7 New York University 5.9 10
7 Carnegie Mellon University 5.9 14
9 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 5.7 14
9 University of California - San Diego 5.7 10

Quite surprising... as all the ranking are usually. However, there might be some reasons for this. First of all, we cover all three areas that are counted in theory. For example, logic is visibly stronger in Warsaw than in other places included in top 10. Second, we indeed started doing quite well, e.g., we got 6 ERC grants so far. I do not really believe in rankings, but at least it is some indication that Warsaw is not such a bad place to be - see the cat meme.